What is airbrush make-up?

Hey everyone!

I often get asked, "what is airbrush make-up?" so, I thought I'd write a short blog to tell you about it.

I use a brand called Airbase, which was created by Judy Naake, who bought the tanning product St.Tropez to the UK.  Judy worked with Oscar-nominated Make-up Artist Anni Buchanan to perfect the formula. 

Airbase is a silicone based foundation with vitamin A and E which feels beautiful and luxurious on the skin, the silicone used does not clog your pores, allowing your skin to breathe.

Airbrush make-up can be water based or alcohol based too.  Water based colours are mainly used for body art.

When you spray with an airbrush it atomises the product making the particles of make-up much smaller than when applied in the tradional way and therefore less visible - resulting in a truly flawless finish.  That's why airbrush make-up is used for TV and Film as HD picks up every imperfection!

The magic ingredients:

Silicone - it's heat-resistant, non-stick and incredibly pliable.

Vitamin A - improves elasticity of the skin and therefore reduces fine lines.

Vitamin E - an anti-oxidant that moisturises and repairs helping to deactive the free radicals that age the skin.

Airbrush make-up isn't just foundation, it can be used to contour, highlight, for blusher and can even cover tattoos or birth marks.

It's easy to match any skin tone and is applied using a small air gun which allows a tiny amount of products onto the skin, it feel very light and is applied in small circular motions to create an even, flawless finish.

This product is ideal for brides, and their bridal party as it photographs perfectly and covers any imperfections, including rosacea (which I suffer with)!  It's durable, lasting all day and night, it's waterproof and sweat-proof.

If you'd love to try airbrush make-up or want to see more before and after results, check out my socials @hayleysimpsonmua or text 07957204683 to book.

I hope you found this useful.  If you have any questions, please send me a message.

Hayley x


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